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Photo galleries


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Welcome to my photography gallery please select from the galleries listed below. Just click on the description and you will be taken to that gallery at where you will be able to see high quality images on a fast loading site complete with details about the photo.

To use the gallery to it's fullest just click on the photos for all the details and your choice of sizes to view.

To return here just close the window you are in by clicking the X in the corner

Wildlife photos: Here you will find some of my best critter pictures, ranging from Blacktail Deer to Great Blue Heron's

Wildflower Gallery: Since college I have enjoyed capturing wildflowers on film here are my favorites.

Silver Creek Falls State Park, The largest state park in Oregon over 8,000 acres. 10 major waterfalls and just plain beautiful.

Airplane Gallery, here you will find photos of both full scale and model airplanes.

Knife Photo Gallery, I made handmade knives for 14 years and had over thirty of my knife photos published in magazines and books here are some of the best. Even if you are not into knives the photos are great examples of my photography.

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Audreys garden, My wife loves gardening and I love to take photos of her blooms. if you like flowers go here.

Oregon Coast Photos: sunsets, tide pools, lighthouses, & stuff on the coast Where my wife wants to go every time we have a chance.

4th of July, 2001 Fireworks with the Moon photos.

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