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Zeiss-Ikon Nettar


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Zeiss-Ikon Nettar 518/16 shown with Watameter rangfinder

Zeiss-Ikon Nettar front 1/4 veiw

Zeiss-Ikon Nettar front veiw closed

Zeiss-Ikon Nettar rear veiw

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Hang on folks this maybe a long one, we'll do this like a travel log through Mark W's Saturday first I get up at 6:00am in order to bid on a Paxette book on eBay in Wales. I get the PC warmed up and set my little count down timer to the auction (I'm what you call a sniper one bid right at the end if I don't get nervous I wait until the last 15sec) I go read some mail and check on the stuff I'm selling. The last minute of the auction is coming I have my max bid figured out then I add a couple of GBP to it (by the way does any body know what a GBP is worth LOL) just to be sure cause, when am I going to find another book on Paxettes? I push the button to send my bid and then the timer goes off and the mad scramble with the back button to see if I won and for how much (I think this is much more exciting than my sons video games when I win I get something) I won and for only 16.90 GBP (I guess I should go look up how much that is!!). OK write the seller, Hello I have mail it's a friend of mine from Calif. who got up at 5:00am to bid on the same item (he's working on a book on Paxettes) I didn't tell him about the auction because I didn't want to bid against him and as soon as I found it I knew if I won I would scan or photocopy it and send it to him for his research. He cost me about 4.00 GBP LOL we had a good laugh at ourselves as he said if he knew I wanted it he would have just waited anfd asked for a copy to work from. OK time for a quick shower cause there's a Camera show in Hillsboro just 50 min away and it's the big one around here and yesterday the boss paid me some overtime (I drive dump truck and Semi's for a small landscape supply so OT money is like a cross between Gold and Monopoly money worth a lot and spent as fast as I can get it) My son is going with this morning a male bonding thing he's 16 and I'm very proud to say interested in Dads camera's. WOW to early entry's $30.00 US (boy I know what that worth) Good looking show not crowded but that suits my purpose as a buyer. We work around the out side row of tables at the first corner I spot a Yashica 635 clean and only $75.00 neat but why? So around the room I see a couple of ebay friends and meet and talk with Ralph London and his wife who had a great book on Oregon Photographers that had information on Drake Brothers Studio and June Drake who was an awesome photographer in the first half of twentieth century here in Silverton Oregon his Photos are highly prized by the Oregon Historical Society. I wander some more explaining what I can to my son and asking lots of questions myself. I find a Braun Paxette with an uncoupled rangefinder (thanks Mark for the education on that) not to bad a little worn great price that I could tell was going down BUT the body shutter button was not working and the range finder was off vertically, OK I'll look around some more. (Pac Rim Cam bought the Paxette) Lots of great Canon FD equipment (but I got all of that I need and it's not hard to find) along with lots of stuff from the major 5. A few tables with Lieca's (for those of you who do not drive a truck for a living LOL) And a table full of Russian RF's any camera on the table $75.00 good deal compared to eBay etc. But which one? so I continue. I talk with Gooeyduck his ebay name his real name is Marv Olson but don't tell anybody. He's always great fun with one of the best senses of humor (least he laughs at my jokes). I can tell the #1 son is getting a little board we escape from the clutches of the guy selling filters like a carnival barker. I buy a book a changing bag and figure one more go around remember that wad is burning a hole in my pocket. Back to the corner with the Yashica 635 and I start to look at a couple of the other tables close by a cute little 127 4X4 TLR little to expensive right now and I want to burn a lot of film with my new toy. And then I pick up the flat camera (remember the Zeiss the story is about) with the Word NETTAR on the lens cover, I think hey the guys on IDCC are always talking about camera's like these all the time. OK remember all the things about how to buy one of these. 1. I ask the seller how to cock and trip the shutter, good he knows and it works very smooth. I check all the speeds they look and sound close. 2. Optics I open the camera and shine my 50 year old Ray O Vac penlight through the lens it looks very nice no dust or clouding can be seen the surfaces are both clear and free of flaws need cleaning (what doesn't). 3. The aperture looks very good no oil and it operates very nice. 4. Viewfinder outside dirty inside a little dust oh well won't hurt the photo's. Overall cosmetics, one wear spot on the door along the top corner but not bad. 5. The bellows again with the pen lite I shine light along all the creases and look for the sign of any pin hole YES IT'S GOOD no holes. Now the price, I've been listening to the seller an old Romanian horse trader type who offers a price on something to everybody that comes to the table, so when he says $80.00 I tell him I'm interested but will take 5 minutes away from the table to decide. OK run like hell to somebody that has a clue what this thing is worth cause I'm in way over my head to me it's just neat. Ralph flips open his trusty McKewen's to the page and says which one so I read the page and $80.00 would be high, Now off to Gooeyduck as he has the big local handle on everything he tells me there's one at the show for $150.00 but that's three times what it's worth so I go back screw up my best traders face and offer the Old Romanian Horse trader $60.00 cause I can easily afford it and I figure he will come back with $70.00 NO he takes the offer, the first thought that came to my mind was dummy I should have offered $50.00 (yours too!). We shake and I run off to show the friends my new camera. I stop on the way home for a selection of film for my new Medium format toy. Drive home and I drag out all the camera cleaning stuff (hey comet cleanser works wonders if you use it with a stiff toothbrush LOL). OK enough it took about an hour to very carefully clean all the metal condition the leather clean the optics and prove that I may have paid a little more than I should but it's going to be a very nice addition to my little collection and a real film burner. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going to burn up some B&W 120 and a roll of color for the final test of my new ZEISS IKON NETTAR with a Novar-Anastigmat f4.5 to f22 Pronto shutter the only number I find on the camera is 518/16. If anybody what's to know more email me. I'm tied of typing I'm gonna take a break and look at my first Zeiss (do they make this in 35mm?) Mark W.

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