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June Drake


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June Drake and Silver Creek Falls State Park

The photo to the right which hangs in my living room is by June Drake it was taken around 1900. June Drake's photos were instrumental in getting the State of Oregon to purchase the land around the falls, there by creating a state park that has grow into the largest state park in Oregon Over 8,000 acres. With 10 major waterfalls and a number of smaller or intermittent falls this is truly a photographers heaven and only 14 miles from my home. June Drake was a great photographer and could have been very well know had he not been doing business in such a small town, Silverton,OR. He did win a couple

major photo contests in his day.
Including a Photographer's Society prize in 1908 winning a salon honor and a Certificate of Merit in class 4 (for photographers from towns smaller than 5000. The Oregon Historical Society has a large collection of his photos and negatives. But sadly when is studio burnt down in the early fifties many of his negatives were lost. I met this man when I was very young (my parents traded postage stamps with him)but I can remember very little about him. Sure wish I could talk to him now! For my photos of this beautiful place click the link to the right.


For my photos of Silver Falls State Park please click here.

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