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Use this page as a resource I have included links to sites that maintain long lists of sites pretaining to the various subjects to go thru even half of what is here would take a very long time.
There are also links to specific sites that are of great interest for the various subjects
I hope you can find what you are looking for here and I would like to thank the people who put these lists of links together in the first place.

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These sites are about Canon FD Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories there use and disscusions about them.

The "Canon Camera Museum"

Canon FD average prices on Ebay

The Canon A Series Help/Message Board

Christian Rollinger's Canon PhotoPage

Great site with info on Canon FD Cameras, Lenses and Accessories

Canon FD lenses info

More Canon FD lenses info

Canon FD Lens Tests

Photography in Malaysia (huge mega site)

The following are sites that contain huge links files to take you almost any where in the world of photography

Jeff Albro's Impact! Used Photo Equipment Guide along with about everything else

Betty Sederquist's Favorite, Useful Photography Websites Home Page huge resource of info

Favorite Classics camera manuals how to's repair help lots of great links

Camera Traders Useful Links

NW Cameras Usefull Links

Canon FD message board at Yahoo groups Lots of links and information

The following are links for Silver Falls State Park the Oregon Garden Prodject and My home town of Silverton, OR

Silverton City Map

Sliverton's Home Page

Silverton Tourist Guide

Silverton Area Links

The Oregon Garden Project (a 240 acre display garden that's being built here)

Silver Falls State Park (Oregon's largest State Park with 10 major waterfalls on a 7 mile trail)

The Friends of Silver Falls Park Virtual Tour of the park way cool

Sliver Falls Photo Album

More Photos of Silver Falls Park

Silver Falls Tour (maps directions and helpful hints)

Model and Full scale Airplane sites

National Museum of Naval Aviation

USAF Museum Info

Australia's Museum of Flight.

The Granville Brothers Gee Bee

MECCA Message Board Model Airplane Engine Collector's

Control Line Model Airplanes Mega site

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Tower Hobbies Ultimate R/C hobby links

EAA Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Home page