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Flora and Fauna Photo's


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One of the types of photography I have enjoyed since High School has been wildlife and close ups of flowers and plants. So here is a collection of some of my more recent in this category. I will be adding older photos as soon as I can get a scanner.


Calypso Orchid very rare found at Silver Falls Park (Calypso Bulbosa)

Wine colored spear name unknown at Silver Creek falls Park

Geranium in our front yard

Oregon Fawn Lily (Erythronium Oregonum) at Silver Creek Falls Park

Holleyhocks from our front yard 2000.jpg

Flower in our front yard 2000

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Turtle at Windsor Island Gravel pit sunning on log

Tree Frog on log

Nut Hatch head in tree.jpg

Black Tail Does at Windsor Island gravel pit

Pair of Male Canadain Geese in corn field by Windsor Island gravel pit

Mallard Pair on the slough at Windsor Island gravel pit

Rockaway Beach Seagull

Robin at Widsor Island Gravel pit

Yellow Finch taken near Lower North Falls 400mm hand held

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