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Canon FD Equipment List


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Mark's Canon FD Equipment List

Items with a * after them are on the shopping list.

Camera Bodies

T-90 body #1 (My new toy so many things to learn)
F-1N body (w/screen SJ for use with telephotos)

A-1 body #1: (The pretty one with a E screen)

A-1 body #2:(currently set up with a C screen)(all matte for telephoto use)

AE-1Program body :(Black) (set up with a Matte C screen)

AE-1Program body :(chrome)(almost mint this is the camera
my wife uses)

AE-1 body :(my beater) (I have taken 30 published Photos with this camera)
FTb body Black (this is my collectors toy very very nice condition)

Wide Angle Lenses: Hoods:

19mm f 3.8 Vivitar(rubber hood)(the whole Grand Canyon lens)
24mm f 2.8 nFD ...... (BW-52C)* (next hood to get)
28mm f 2.8 nFD ...... (BW-52B)
35mm f 2.8 nFD ...... (BW-52A)

Standard Lenses: Hoods:

50mm f 1.8 nFD .......*(BS-52) Audreys set
50mm f 1.4 nFD .......(BS-52) A friend gave me this hood)
55mm f1.2 Chrome Nose (BS-58)(my fastest lens got this to match my FTb)

Portrait Lenses: Hoods:

85mm f 1.8 nFD ...... (BT-52) (great with 12mm Extension tube for close up flower photos)
100mm f2.8 nFD ..... (BT-52) (great lens very sharp and light)
135mm f2.8 nFD.......(built in hood)(new toy we'll see)

Telephoto Lenses:

SOLD200mm f 4. S.S.C
*****Looking to Buy 200mm f2.8 nFD IF****
400mm f 5.6 APO Sigma (built in hood) (Off White Finish)
400mm f 4.5 nFD (my new bird lenses very nice) (built in hood)
600mm f 8. Mirror Sigma (screw on hood) (rear filters 22.5mm)

Macro Lenses: Hoods
50mm F3.5 nFD w/FD-25 tube BT-52B hood
90mm f2.5 Tokina AT-X w/1-1 adapter 55mm screw in hood

Zoom Zoom Zoom (hoods)

(sorry I just couldn't resist)

24 to 45mm f 3.5-4.5 Soligar CD macro, 62mm rubberhood focuses done to 4" 1:3
28 to 55mm f 3.5-4.5 nFD .. (BW-58C) (this is one of the ones everybody calls a "Plastic lenses" but I think its great)

2) 28 to 70mm f 3.5-4.5 Tokina SD (new travel zoom for Audrey to use very versitile and compact awesome color) Liked this one so much I got a second.

28-85mm f 3.5-4.5 Tokina AT-X (awesome mid range zoom Pro quality optics)(very compact with a 62mm filter size dedicated clamp on hood)

50-135mm f3.5  nFD (BS-58)

75 to 200mm f 4. nFD ........ (BT-52A) (another great light wt. Lenses and it uses 52mm filters like the other nFD lenses I have)

80-200mm f 2.8 Tokina AT-X Pro lens (with 77mm hood)(super zoom low light and huge I love it)

Auxiliary Lenses:

2) 2X-A Canon FD (teleconverter for 300mm & longer lenses)
2X-B Canon FD (teleconverter for lenses under 300mm)
2X Tokina 7 element

Close Up Equipment:

Kalt 12mm 20mm 36mm Auto Extension Tubes (these work great)
Canon  extension tube set including FD-15, FD-25, FD-50
Hoya +1 +2 +4 52mm Close Up Filters
CA-52 52mm lens reversing ring
Adapter B LTM body to FD lens
Adapter A LTM lens to FD body
Macro aperture clip
Macro Hood

Winders & Motor drives:

AE Winder FN (for F-1N)
Motor drive MA (kept on body #1)
Motor drive MA (kept on body #2)
Winder A2 (kept on AE-1PB)
Winder A2 (kept on AE-1PC)


(let there be blinding light and it was good)

2) 011A (great little flash fits in back pocket) (one for her one for me)
Vivitar 202 manual small flash
5200 Vivitar dedicated (with built in zoom and led readout)
433D Sunpak dedicated (with telefil kit and color filters set)(what a powerhouse 60' on auto f2 100ASA WOW!)
Canon 300TL (dedicated flash for T-90)
Canon 577G w/ transistor pak G and Std. and custom brackets
Sunpak STD. flash bracket (with cable release and dedicated flash cord)

Viewfinder Accessories:

Angle Finder B (gives correct veiw)
Magnifier w/adapter S
Rubber eyecups all around

Misc. Accessories:

Vivitar #43 lightmeter (great meter if you can find one)
Vivitar Flashmeter (same as a Shephard model 99)
Sekonic #L-188 Lightmeter (very light and compact CDS)
Slide Duplicator, Cambron (I've always wanted one I've had this one for a year and haven't used it yet)
Vivitar TLA-1 Telescope eye pc adapter (turns a Camera lens in to a telescope)


Cokin (a few adding more all the time)
*** 55mm almost a complete set *** (Selling off to buy more 52mm) Sold off all Old FD mount lenses!
52mm a few (see above) (will soon complete the set)


Wood Tripod * (Im working on plans to make my own should start soon)

Heavy Tripods = 2) Slik Master Deluxe M312's (Black older models on with a Slik std head the other to mount a large Canon Ballhead)

Medium tripod * (currently a Stitz P250 but will be upgrading soon)

Lt. Wt. Travel pod * (currently trying to decide which to get)

2 Canon Deluxe Ball Heads #10 (I use these on my Monopod and Tripods very easy to use with a single angled locking pan arm)

Monopod Tiffen Super HD Aluminum 6' (got this on eBay never seen another like it but I just love it. If I made one this would be it)

Camera stock (like a rifle stock only I made this one in College for my 600mm)

Window Clamp HD (Made this myself out of a pickup canopy clamp and a couple of hardware items with a Canon #10 ballhead on top is excellent)

Cases and Bags:

Large Halliburton... (trying to figure out how to get it all in)
Medium Prinz alumium... (can't decide what to do with it yet)

Tim Taylor Black tool bag... (this is my support bag)

Tamrac Large bag (Black very big holds three bodies with long telephotos mounted and all flash equipment Plus ++

Tundra Medium bag (Blue got this one as a freebe in a auction will hold up to 14 lens so thats what I use it for)

Tamrac #706... (Grey Shoulder and waist bag with belt. It's the biggest waist belt I've seen very comfortable with a large load)
Tamrac #5202  (black waist shoulder compact, This is Audrey's new bag fits her outfit like a glove)
Canon Backpack small (A BUCK at a garage sale, great for light hiking)
Lowe-Pro Classic Trekker backpack (HUGE VERY HUGE Fill it up can't lift it another great buy on ebay I just love it).

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