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Kodak Junior Six 16


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Kodak Junior Six 16

Kodak Junior Six 16 folding camera near mint.

About ten years ago after walking through an outdoor tailgate sale for most of the day not finding a thing to spend the money burning a hole in my pocket, just as I passed the last pickup truck there on the hood in the August sun was a curious looking leather pouch. Asking if I could look at the item the seller said it's a camera I want $5.00 for it but they don't make film for it anymore. I opened the slightly worn case that said Eastman Kodak under the flap and pulled out what can only be described as a beautiful all black Kodak Junior 616 with a No. 1 Kodex shutter T B 1/25 1/50 1/100. And a clear and clean Kodak Anastigmat F-6.3 126mm lens. Well, needless to say that was one of the quickest $5.00 I ever spent I handed him the money before I even got the bellows extended. And now after looking so good in my display case ( kept in the dark lit by only a 8 watt florescent bulb) I want to use this near mint camera and have a little fun so after this long story.
I have been working on adapters that will allow me to use currently available 120 film in this camera on a 2 1/4" X 4" format for contact prints. I will be able to get 7 exposures on a roll of film and have it developed by the local Pro lab. Look for photos taken with this camera later in the summer of 2001.

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