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Marks Canon Cameras

Items with * are on my shopping list.


Camera bodies:

A-1 body #1

A-1 body #2

A-1 body #3* (possibly will be a F1 but canít figure out why)

AE-1p body (chrome)

AE-1 body (my beater)


Wide Angle Lenses:Hoods:

24mm f 2.8 nFD* (BW-52C)*

28mm f 2.8 nFD†† (BW-52B)

35mm f 2.8 nFD†† (BW-52A)*


Standard Lenses:††† Hoods:

50mm f 1.8 nFD††† (BS-52)*

50mm f 1.4 S.S.C. (BS-55)


Portrait Lenses:†††††† Hoods:

85mm f 1.8 nFD†††† (BT-52)

100mm f2.8 S.S.C. (BT-55) (early nonlocking A)


Telephoto Lenses:††

200mm f 4. S.S.C.(built in hood)

400mm f 5.6 APO Sigma (built in hood) (Off White Finish)

600mm f 8. Mirror Sigma (screw on hood) (rear filters 22.5mm)


Zoom Zoom Zoom (sorry couldnít resist)

35 to 70mm f 3.5-4.5 nFD (BW-58C) (this the one everybody calls the

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ďPlastic lensesĒ I think itís great)

75 to 200mm f 4. nFD (BT-52A)(another great light wt. Lenses and

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††it uses 52mm filters)


Auxiliary Lenses:

2X-B Canon FD

2X-7 macro Vivitar

12-20-36mm Extension Tubes Kalt FD BL


Winders & Motor drives:

Winder A (kept on body #1)

Winder A2 (kept on body #2)

Motor drive MA *(this will probably be the last thing I get)


Flash (let there be blinding light and it was good)

011A #1 (great little flash fits in back pocket)

011A #2

244T (got this one with a broken shoe fixed it like new with epoxy/carbon fiber)

433D Sunpak dedicated (with telefil kit and color filters set)


Viewfinder Accessories:

Angle Finder, Pentax (sorry but itís a lot cheaper and works the same)

Magnifier w/adapter S

Rubber eyecups all around


Misc. Accessories:

Vivitar #43 lightmeter (great meter if you can find one)

Slide Duplicator, Cambron (Iíve always wanted one I had this one for a year haveínt used it yet)



Cokin (a few adding more all the time)

55mm almost a complete set (also used on 52mm with step up ring)

52mm a few (see above)



Heavy Tripod * (Iím working on plans to make my own should start soon)

Medium tripod * (currently a Slik but will be upgrading soon)

Lt. Wt. Travel pod * (currently tring to decide which to get)

Camera stock (like a rifle stock only I made this one in College for my 600mm)


Cases and Bags:

Large Halliburton (trying to figure out how to get it all in)

Medium Prinz alumium (canít decide what to do with it yet)

Tim Taylor Black tool bag (this is my grab and go bag)

Medium Tavel bag * (Iím currently looking for one that fits my style)